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I recently requested that our current staff answer the following question:

How would you explain the #NCWay to someone new to the Nemaha Central District?

Doing things well not matter what.  Being a person of integrity.  Do what is best, not doing something just because others are doing it. 
Being responsible, respectful learners who consider the needs of others and work together to make our school the best it can be.
Doing things the NC Way means working hard every day to be a respected and decent human being who is always aware of the impact one can have on others in our community and world.

It means not taking the easy way out. It means having pride and always striving to do our best as we encourage others to do well also.

The NCWay is "our" way of doing what is best for “our” students and community, not just following the crowd. We can be an example for others. It means setting our standards high and working our tails off to meet them. 
Its simply doing the right thing, with pride!
Do your best at all times.  Treat others as you want to be treated.
All for one: One family, one school, one community working as one to best educate young people. 
The #NCWay means being bold enough to go outside of your comfort zone.
The #NCWay means we are having fun while learning.  Our technology is beyond compare and our administrators, teachers and support staff are the best in the nation.  Everyone works together to achieve one goal:  being the best that we can possibly be both in school and in the community.  We are all a family...that is the #NCWay!!
Doing something the #NCWay means to approach any task, athletic competition, or event with the intent to do it to the best of our ability. Minimal effort is not accepted at NC.
Everyone working hard together!
Being kind to everyone to come in contact with.  
Establish realistic and challenging goals - hold one another accountable - positive / fun learning experience - know that it might be difficult but never impossible 
Being positive, confident, empathetic in interactions. 
Ownership in your school & community
Taking pride in the process and product of our endeavors.
The #NCWay is being respectful, responsible, and a team player.  Showing that you value others views and perspectives on life and you find the good in everyone and every situation.  It means being present and taking pride in your actions. 

The #NCWay means setting aside our differences and working together for the greater good.  That's the #NCWay!
The #NCWay is always have a smile on your face and be kind to everyone. Always be willing to help out and do what is asked of you.
Act as person of character and integrity at all times.
Doing something the #NCWay means to attack a challenge in a positive, determined manner, while including individuals around us in a respectful, inclusive way- knowing that anything is possible if we work together.
We are respectful, caring and dedicated.
The best way I can describe the #NCWay is like one big family. Everyone here genuinely cares for one another. We hold high, yet attainable expectations. We care about learning, but we care more about the whole child/person. We aren’t afraid to try new things and will always do what is best for kids. I feel very lucky to be part of such an amazing family!
It is the understanding that in all you do the expectations will be high and when you need help, people will be there for you.
a willingness to work hard and achieve high
It comes down to one word for me...connectedness. The whole community (teachers/staff, students, parents, and businesses) work together to create the best learning experience for our students. We all share a common goal which is to make sure that the students are not only learning academics, but also learning how to be good people who can contribute to our community for years to come. 
The NC Way means all people of NC: community, staff, students, parents, etc. work together to do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal (typically of high standard) and do not give up until it is achieved.  We stay ahead of current times all while upholding “old school”, small town roots by demonstrating kindness and ethical manners to include honesty, fairness, equality, and dignity.
Kindness, enthusiasm, and integrity
To me the #NCWay means kindness, respect, and teamwork.  
We have a great work ethic and a wonderful community. The entire community is involved in the school and takes an interest long after their kids are done. We value hard work and are willing to put it in.
Doing the right thing, even when it is not the easiest.
NC is welcoming people from around the world as a way of growing together, exchanging experiences and getting closer. I can tell NC is about empathy and understanding the world from different perspectives 
Always doing your best - giving 110% - while being a kind, respectful individual.
Community. Excellence. Teamwork. Family. 
Family. Being apart of the #NCWay is like being apart of an extended family. We share respect, authenticity, understanding, and support with our students, families, co-workers, etc.    
To me, the #NCWay is going above and beyond expectations and making difficult decisions, even when they are difficult!
It means trying your best, helping others, not abandoning others when they are struggling. 
A community of caring youth and adults who all work together through communication, honesty and hard-work for the well-being of all youth. 
The NC Way is using your strengths and abilities to  work together to achieve a common goal.
Inspire trust and respect in all that we do.
Courage: to do what is right, in the classroom or on the athletic fields or in any extracurricular activities.
Compassion: lend a helping hand, or ear, or shoulder for a fellow student, teacher, co-worker in need.
Commitment: to do your very best, to the best of your abilities at all times. No matter the obstacles or limitations.


I knew that the answer would vary but that we would be able to find some recurring themes in the responses provided. Some of the themes that emerged from this survey are:


Doing Well/best, Striving for Excellence/High Standards
Having/Showing Character
Respect,Responsible,Kind, Caring, Integrity, Pride
Working Hard/Accepting Challenges/Work Ethic/Ownership

We will be getting input from community, parents, and students about what #NCWay means to them in the future. This is just one part of our efforts to develop our next Strategic Plan as well as working on our next accreditation cycle.