School Safety

December 6, 2021

Dear USD 115 Families & Staff:

In light of the recent incident of school violence in Michigan, we wanted to share information about the safety measures and student supports that we have in place.  The USD 115 staff recognizes high profile school violence incidents can cause distress for students, staff, and families.

Please be assured that we have many procedures in place to ensure school safety:

  • There is limited and monitored access to our school building, including designated entrances with all other doors locked from the exterior.

  • We have an effective Crisis Management and Response Plan to ensure that we have planned, prepared, and practiced for potential crises.  As part of this, we have specific training and drills for lockdown, lockout, and evacuation procedures.

  • Our school provides schoolwide proactive behavioral expectations, a positive school climate, counseling, and therapeutic services.

  • For the past several years, we have had a School Resource Officer to help ensure the safety of our students and staff. 

Families are and will always be important partners in ensuring that our school is always safe for students, staff, and visitors. We would appreciate your continued support of this shared effort by taking a few moments to visit with your child about a few items:


  • Please consider visiting often with your students about their social media use along with its positives and negatives. We encourage students to use social media for positive, productive, and appropriately informative and fun purposes.

  • Students should always feel comfortable and safe to share and report concerning information to school staff so that we may follow our policies and safety procedures and protocols to keep everyone safe.

  • Here are some resources that you may find helpful when talking with your child and working together with us to keep everyone safe: 

Thank you for your time and, again, for your continued support of our students, staff, and USD115 school community.




USD 115 Administration

USD 115 School Counselors

USD 115 School Resource Officer