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Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

School Finance Proposals

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul   The Kansas House and Senate have released school finance plans in response to the Supreme Court findings (Gannon Case) that they must equalize funding for Supplemental General Fund (LOB) and Capital Outlay. This was brought about because of the disparity between districts that are “wealthy” vs “poor” that is continuing to grow. “Poor” districts had their . . . read more


Get Involved in Protecting Our Schools

You don’t have to understand everything about public education to advocate for Kansas schools and Kansas school children.  At times you may even have difficulty understanding all of the issues being debated.  But Game On For Kansas Schools has done their homework and can address the big picture of public education in state . . . read more

B&B Falcons-OUR LEGACY-Book Order Form

FORTY-EIGHT YEARS. ONE BOOK. A CHANCE TO PRESERVE IT ALL!   "Our Legacy" is not just a history book.  It is a genealogy of all the graduates, staff, academic and athletic achievments, organization special events, and memories of the people who have built the B&B legacy these past 48 years.  Order . . . read more

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