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Finishing Strong

Finishing Strong      As the fall activities will come to an end soon, I can’t help but think about finishing strong.  It doesn’t matter if it is in the classroom, in business, or in sports, finishing strong is vital if you want to be successful.  Anyone can start an activity, a project, a paper, or a sports season.  Does everyone who starts finish strong?  The simple answer is . . .

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Early Out Mondays at NCHS

Early Out Information   Back in August, the Building Leadership Team met and decided to do early outs on Mondays for the month of September as a trial period.  Seminar was moved to late so that students would be missing Seminar and not regular class time, and students could leave at 2:30 if they qualified.  In order to qualify for an early out, a student cannot have any tardies during the previous week, . . .

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Watch This Video about Activity Behavior!

Proper Behavior at School Activities video by NCHS students

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