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Students Learn About India

By: Henriette Yemba and Kaylee Finney

October 11, 2018

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    The Nemaha Central Elementary and Middle School students and staff all gathered in the gym for an assembly on Wednesday, October 3 to learn about the adventures of Randy Nadler. Mr. Nadler travels to different countries and then visits area schools to talk about his adventures in those countries. In the past, he has talked about going to Germany, Italy, Greece, and Thailand, and this year he spoke about going to India.

    Mr. Nadler started off by telling us that he had been to India 3 times, and nothing really ever changes there. India people speak English as well as they speak their own language, Hindi. Residents of India do not eat beef because cows give them milk and they use cowhide to make many things. Therefore, there are cows wandering in stores and all over the streets, which is normal in their country. The population of India is 1.324 billion compared to the United States’s 325.7 million. That's crazy especially since India is only one third the size of the United States!    

    In India, they have some unique traditions and places to see compared to other countries. One of these unique traditions is that their husband or wife is picked by their parents.  When their spouse is chosen, they have an interview to see if they would like to get married.  Then if they do, the wedding takes place and lasts for 3 whole days.  One interesting monument is the Rat Temple, where over 20,000 rats live in the temple. People of India believe that when someone dies they become a rat, because of a legend of Karni Mata's stepson.  Another famous monument is the Golden Temple, which the entire top of the temple was built out of gold and it is a worship place for the people of India. Mr. Nadler also talked about the Taj Mahal, which was built by Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. He started building it in 1632 AD and was finished in 1648 AD. It is a beautiful mausoleum to see because of its ivory-white marble. Inside the mausoleum, Shah Jahan and his wife are buried in marble coffins. India has so many exciting adventures for tourists to witness! Thank you to the parent/teacher organization for bringing in Mr. Nadler so students could learn interesting information about other another country.

    Haley Wood said, “It’s always nice to see pictures of the places Mr. Nadler visits.”

    “I thought it was really cool, it’s so far from the United States!" said Riley Berkley.


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